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Portable Hearing Protection
Acoustic Sound Curtains

Acoustic sound curtains have made portable hearing protection possible with ease. Now you no longer have to worry about soundproofing machineries. With these portable sound curtains you can do soundproofing just about anywhere. These soundproof curtains are able block out to a great degree about 47 decibels of sound. They are a heavier set of curtains that are made in a quilted manner, so that their thickness is around 2 inches.

These acoustic sound curtains are now even available in portable form. The portable hearing protection comes in the form of screens that can be set to separate the noisy area. These curtains absorb the noise and contain it within their bounds. They are specially designed to perform at their best in an environment that has a lot of machinery. The screens are movable, hence portable.

Uses and Benefits

Acoustic sound curtains are often used to section off an area or to contain some noisy machinery. What makes them safe to use in such environments is that they are made of tough and non-reactive materials.This not only helps make an area soundproof, but they are also safe to use as they do not wear down by contact with chemical or fumes coming from the machines. The outer covering is made of high grade vinyl and the inside is reinforced with fiber and fiberglass cloth. The material is completely fire safe and moisture resistant, which is another addition to its safety features.

Since, these curtains are made like screens an area can be separated by use 2 or more curtains as required. All four ends of the curtain are in a metal enclosure, which is why the curtain does not sway or fall from a slight breeze like a typical screen. The metal frame keeps them weighted down. Wall hanging types of curtains are also available. They are usually weighed down by adding small weights at the bottom of the curtain.

You can buy acoustic sound curtains in pre-made sizes or get them made on your own specifications. Most companies offer both facilities. If soundproofing is required for a particular room, these curtains can be designed as sliding doors and windows to fit in their place. The room will then completely become soundproof.


Acoustic sound curtains are frequently used in the industries that involve a lot of machine work. These include carpentry, welding, assembly lines, textile, etc. They are also used in industries that require soundproofing for the purposes of privacy. These include offices of government agencies and high government officials.

How to Clean

Though the curtains do not catch grime or dirt, they do get dirty from continuous exposure to oil and diesel fumes. The easiest way to clean these acoustic sound curtains is to do it with a pressure pump. Just use a mixture of detergent and water, the dirt and grime will slide down the curtains easily. Since they are completely moisture resistant there is no fear of drying them from the inside. Simply wipe them dry from the outside and they will be as good as new.