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Best Pressure Washer

Quick! Name the top three best pressure washers in the market today.

Best Pressure Washer

Even if you are a seasoned pro in power washing, you would be hard pressed to name specific brands simply because there is a bewildering array of pressure washers in the market today, each touted by its promoters as the best in value around. Applications vary by orders of magnitudes in terms of pressures and volumes required, so one would likely end up comparing apples to oranges.

For homeowners, there is a growing consensus that electric pressure washers are the best bets for your money. That would eliminate the powerful, but gas-guzzling power washers used in cleaning of monuments and towering buildings.

To guide would-be buyers, reviewers and consumer groups have been able to come up with a list of the best pressure washers according to a set of metrics which include price, durability, ease of use, availability of spares, and technical support.

But before you read their list take time to examine the integrity of the reviewers. If they haven’t established a credible name, chances are they are paid by appliance makers to tilt the results in favor of their benefactors. Or they might be retailers trying to push certain brands they carry on their shelves. Beware of glowing recommendations.

Money Magazine decided to find out first hand by actually testing a number of popular machines on a large dirtied patio of one of its staff. Because homeowners were primary targets, it limited the survey to electric pressure washers.

Popular Mechanics (PM) did a similar survey and concentrated on—well, mechanical aspects of the pressure washers.

They came up with the best pressure washers overall list.

If quality is considered above cost, Italian-made Annovi Reverberi (AR) pressure washers got the highest praises, although it might be easier to locate a platypus than one of these machines. These pressure washers use quieter and more durable induction motors than the usual universal motors adopted by competition. They have more efficient and durable triplex pumps with ceramic plungers.

For those with 20-amp circuit around, Both Popular Mechanics and Pressure Washers Direct (PWD) recommend the 20-amp Cam Spray 1500A (est. $700) which is similar to the AR unit. If price is weighed in heavily, PWD recommends the 1850 PSI Kärcher K 5.93 M (est. $280). PM was impressed by its ability to draw from standing water or faucet.

Many other Kärcher models heap high praises in PM’a survey because of their versatility and availability of accessories which could turn these into multi-purpose machines.

Less known models that managed into the best pressure washers list include the Cambell Hausfeld PW181000AV (est. $235) and the light-duty Sistema GT11 (est. $145) electric pressure washer. Other models which consistently rank high in reviews and surveys are the Wickes 120 Bar and RAC HP021 pressure washers.

For most of us, the best pressure washer is the one that suits your needs and easiest to handle without burning a large hole in your pocket.


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