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Tips for Starting Your Own Car Wash Pump Station
Car Wash Pump Station

Business is tough these days, so a smart business person knows the importance of expanding their services to offer their customers more options.

A great way to increase business and even grab a few new customers is to offer coordinating services. Many pressure washer businesses are now opting to add car wash pump stations to their service offerings as a way to stay afloat in this tough economic time.

There are several ways to offer car wash pump station services:

  • by opening an independently run car wash pump station
  • by offering portable pump station services at the client’s job site

Who needs this type of car washing service? Everyone from small scale businesses to large car dealerships, apartment complexes. construction companies and RV sales centers. Even boat marinas can utilize a car washing pump station.

The best way to service small car fleets or individuals is to open an independent car washing pump station; while larger jobs require you to take your equipment to them.

With a variety of car washing pump stations systems available, it is now possible for just about any sized pressure washing business to offer their clients at least some sort of car washing service.

Of course expanding nay kind of business requires some planning, and a car wash pump station is no different. When deciding how and where to open your new car washing station be sure to:

  • Figure out who your clients will be and then find a location to best suit their need
  • Get the right licensing and site approval from the local authorities
  • Choose the right equipment
  • Create a detailed business plan
  • Advertise your new business using a variety of creative marketing schemes to draw new customers
  • Open your doors for business

Of course if you plan to take your car wash pump station to the client, you will need to purchase different kinds of equipment, and advertise a bit differently than if you open a traditional car washing pump station where the client brings you the vehicles needing serviced.

For those who aren’t interested in investing in a large scale car wash pump station, you many still be able to offer more limited vehicle cleaning by simply upgrading your current pressure washing equipment.

Whether you want to offer washing services to a local car fleet; marina or just your residential customers doesn’t matter. What does matter is offering as many cleaning services as you can to the customers you have now in order to increase your bottom line, and pull in a steady stream of new customers.


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