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Thorough Cleaning with Carpet Extractors
Carpet Extractors

As long as you have carpets adorning the floors of your houses, cleaning comes regularly with it. To keep the carpet clean, you can vacuum every week, clean up the spills immediately or use the duct mats at your home’s entrance. Carpet extractors perform excellent cleaning but you should know how to take care of them while also being aware of the safety aspects. These are the contemporary technological sensations that help you in getting rid of the carpet cleaning headaches.

The carpet extractors are used with the carpet scrubbers. The scrubbers are the key components of the extractor and are used to draw out the water from the carpet. These extractors are able to remove the impurities that are embedded in the carpets by spraying water on the carpet and then vacuuming it. In the process, dust is also extracted. As a matter of fact, the carpeting extractors work better than other carpet cleaning equipment. They have an in-built capacity to stir the deep and emedded stains or dirt in your carpet out successfully.

The carpet cleaners that use chemicals are able to clean the carpets only superficially. However, the carpet extractors are able to work extremely well for the carpets that have been soiled heavily. It is always better to use water rather than chemical on the carpets since chemicals might affect the material of the carpet. The water used in the extractors may be heated or non-heated. When there are hard stains on the carpet, the heated carpet extractors should be used. These spread the hot water on the surface, which is allowed to stay for some time to weaken the hard stains. Once the stains become soft, they are pulled out effectively.

The non-heated extractors are effective in cleaning carpets that are soiled with dust and dirt only. At times, people prefer using non-heated carpet extractors since the hot water treatment may further prove to make the stain permanent on the carpet. The extractors are composed of vacuuming equipment that pulls out the dust by applying pressurized water on the carpet. The hot water extractor applies the principal of push and pull to extricate the spoilers. A suction cup at the bottom of the carpet extractor removes the stains after the initial application of pressurized water.

The methodology mentioned above can be used continuously until the impurities are completely extracted. This also helps in removing the biological growth in the carpets that is not visible to the naked eyes, making the carpet germ free. The carpet extractors are helpful in decreasing the drying time. For this, the normal rubbing procedure can be applied without the involvement of water injection button. Therefore, when you venture into buying a carpet extractor always look for those extra features that can help you in other ways as well.

Whether it is a heated extractor, upright extractor or self contained extractor, you will be able to pick the best one in order to fill your needs.


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