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Earn Big Bucks with Carwash Vacuums Systems

Carwash Vacuums


Operators and owners of car wash businesses can earn additional money by setting up carwash vacuums. A properly organized car wash system for vacuum service could tap a high potential market segment which can be translated to increased revenues on top of the income generated from long queues along the wash bays.

Earning Potential of Carwash Vacuums System

Carwash business owners and operators should always be dynamic in terms of business opportunities that have to be considered to become viable and competitive in the long run. Looking for that potential income earner that requires less capital and minimal manpower would have to be a continuing effort.

One of the worthy add-ons that can deliver additional money to your pocket is the self-serve vacuum cleaners. If we try to be technical about it and assess the viability of this business prospect in terms of revenue generated per square foot and investment, then it should be at the top of our list. Setting up a car wash vacuum system to complement the existing menu of services would be a sound business decision financial and marketing-wise.

A Close Look at Carwash Vacuums

These vacuum cleaners come with attractive features and strengths. Capital requirement for the purchase of carwash vacuums would depend on the horsepower, design and style, and options that you will require. You can even install a system that has a carpet shampooer and fragrance dispenser functionality incorporated to it. You can also select the level of horsepower and motor combinations that meet the requirements of your business.

Carwash vacuums are ideally set up in an island to accommodate two vehicles at a time. The price tag for the use of coin-operated vacuum cleaners varies depending on the options provided by the service. The prevailing price for coin-operated vacuum cleaners is in the vicinity of $50.00 a week.

A good way to start this extra feature of your car wash business is to have your car wash supplier have an initial inspection of your area and design a layout and business proposal. Once these preliminary activities are done, you are already set to start with the project.

Lately, several innovative vendors were introduced that provide the convenience of providing services in a very compact space. These are typically rear installed vacuum cleaners that are accessed through a wall opening adjacent to an open space. Some carwash operators have used a software interface to link the coin-mechanism of car wash vacuum cleaners to the PC. These features provide convenience and control over the operations of the self service car wash vacuum cleaners without requiring additional manpower.

The introduction of additional service to complement the mainstream core services of a car wash business is a reflection of the need to continually evolve as a viable income generating unit. With the stiff competition and overall business difficulties, owners of a carwash business should always look for the highest and best use of their available resources. The introduction of carwash vacuums is one effective way of staying ahead in this line of business.


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