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Cleaning a Toll Plaza
Cleaning a Toll Plaza

Cleaning a Toll Plaza can be fairly complicated due to issues like location, the kind and quantity of dirt involved, and the traffic which is usually going through the plaza while it is being cleaned. If you are lucky enough to be able to bid on a contract like this, you are probably already established and have the required experience, power washing equipment, and insurance to tackle the job. You may, however, appreciate a bit more information about the job you are bidding on.

Most locations which use contracted cleaning services are commercial or industrial buildings with their own substantial water and power sources. Faucets, hydrants and drains are usually on site, and you will usually have sufficient interior and exterior lighting to do the job. Cleaning a Toll Plaza could be more complicated. Many toll plazas may not have drainage or even running water on site, so you may have to bring your own water source as well as control the runoff. Bringing in your own water is relatively simple; an appropriate sized storage tank on a trailer pressure power washer should do the trick. Controlling the runoff could be more complicated,

though. You may just need an extra worker with a pressure wand to push the water to an area where it will drain. On the other hand, you might need to bring in a pump and another water container to pull the water completely off of the site. Exterior lighting may not be sufficient, either. You may need to use a generator-powered light unit, especially for the outside of the canopy. Be sure to check out the site and note the facilities before you put in that bid so that you will have the appropriate pressure washer accessories.

The dirt encountered while cleaning a toll plaza can be fairly predictable, like exhaust deposits and general road grime, but there are also levels and kinds of dirt which seem exclusive to toll plazas. Because of the prevalence of diesel trucks at toll plazas, the exhaust deposits can be brutal, and the pavement directly inside the tollbooths will collect quite a bit of oil. An enzyme-based cleaner which actually “eats” the oil should be used prior to the usual pressure washing. A busy toll plaza could also collect copious amounts of sand or gravel. A leaf blower or similar device may be required to remove the debris before any real washing is possible. Once again, cleaning a toll plaza could require just a few more processes or pieces of equipment than a normal commercial cleaning job. Position your people and resources accordingly.

The most exciting part of cleaning a toll plaza lies in the fact that most toll plazas never close. This is similar to the problem encountered when cleaning a 24-hour gas station, except that the traffic moves through the toll booths much faster than it does through your average gas station. Individual lanes can be shut down as they are cleaned, but your workers will still have to be alert for confused or distracted motorists who end up in the wrong lane. One contractor makes it a point to position his truck and trailer between his employees and oncoming traffic, under the theory that traffic will stop for another vehicle more quickly than for a person. If his theory doesn’t work, that would be the reason to have adequate insurance.

Cleaning a toll plaza could be a moderately lucrative and highly visible job; in other words, one you should get if you can. Before you bid, though, make sure you know the requirements for the given location, and that you have the right equipment to do the job. A bit of extra insurance and lots of orange paint on the trailer would be a good idea as well. Happy bidding!


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