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Not exactly MAGIC: Wands Make Short Work for Cleaning Gutters.
Cleaning Gutters

Will spring arrive and find you pulling out your gas pressure washer to spruce things up? You probably use it to clean your deck, patio furniture, and outdoor toys and sports equipment. Gas pressure washers are great for cleaning winter salt stains from your walkways and driveway. Many folks use their gas pressure washers to wash their cars and campers. Then, they put it away and climb a ladder to clean out their gutters by hand!

It is amazing how many homeowners only use their gas pressure washer for a few jobs, storing it away 80% of the time. But, from clearing sink drains to cleaning your gutters, there are seemingly endless uses for this phenomenal machine…all it takes are a few special attachments…and your imagination!

The safest way to clean gutters is while you are standing on the ground. Your versatile gas pressure washer can manage this easily with a telescoping or extension wand, and an affordable gutter cleaning attachment.

Extensions and telescoping wands are available in several models. They fit most gas pressure washers, or are easily made adaptable with minor hardware connectors. They increase the psi (pounds per square inch) and gpm (gallons per minute) of your gas pressure washer. Extension wands can be less expensive and can provide greater PSI and gpm then telescoping wands, but they generally only extend in lengths from 36” to 79”. Molded and insulated, they can deliver up to 15.8 gpm and go as high as 9,570 PSI. They can usually handle hot water up to 300° F.

Telescoping wands have lower water temperature ratings (195° - 200° F), and can deliver 3,000 – 4,000 PSI at up to 8 GPM, but a telescoping wand can give greater distance. Two popular models extend your cleaning range from 6’-18’ or 9’- 24’. Telescoping wands have a belt attachment that takes much of the pressure of the weight away off your back. The wands weigh between 12 –13 pounds.

Add a gutter cleaning nozzle and a spray flex wand, which bends, twists, and turns up to a 90° angle, and you have everything you need to easily clean not only gutters, but all hard to reach places like low ledges, under eaves, around corners, and even the unexposed areas of your vehicles like wheel wells and engine undersides. The spray flex wands are great. You adjust the angle needed, and the wand will retain the angle even with up to 4,000 PSI pressure.

Hot water capability makes any cleaning job easier (and it is an affordable addition to gas pressure washers, too), but it is not necessary for cleaning gutters. Neither is a super powered gas pressure washer, but water will lose some pressure due to the height it must travel while you remain on the ground. Water will lose about 4 psi in about 10’ of height. At 50’, it will drop about 22 PSI, and 100’ will see a loss of about 43 PSI.

Increasingly, gas pressure washers are coming out of cellars and garages and are providing an income (or supplementing one), for ambitious entrepreneurs. Gas pressure washers have stirred the imagination of engineers and tinkerers’ alike, and are now the main unit for a plethora of attachments to optimize their applications and turn them into real moneymakers. If your business is cleaning, gas pressure washers make absolute sense. They can add tremendous cleaning capability to your repertoire. Offering gutter cleaning using gutter cleaner wand is just one more way a gas pressure washer puts money in your pocket with minimal financial outlay.


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