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Cleaning Time: A break down of time it takes depending on type of pressure washer.
Cleaning time comparison!

Any pressure washer will effectively clean just about any type of surface, however some models are better suited to clean faster than others. In other words, every pressure washer will complete any standard job such as patio, house siding, tennis court, gutters and airplane cleaning, but because the pressure may vary from 1000 PSI to 5000 PSI those jobs will be cleaned faster with units with higher pressure. If you add to that a higher water volume (GPM) you will complete cleaning tasks 8 to 10 times faster then if you were to you use a regular water hose.

The following table indicates how the change in operating pressure will effect the overall cleaning time on three common household cleaning surfaces. Cleaning times may vary slightly depending upon a variety of factors such as the use of detergent, spray distance from the cleaning surface, spray angle, water supply pressure, etc.

Cleaning Time Comparison Chart

Type of


Estimated Time per
100 sq. ft. of Cleaning Surface



House Siding

Light Duty

1300 PSI

14 minutes

8 minutes

6 minutes

Medium Duty

2200 PSI

10 minutes

5 minutes

3 minutes

Heavy Duty

3500 PSI

4 minutes

2.5 minutes

1.5 minutes

Here is the chart of type of pressure washer based on the pressure (PSI):

  • Light-duty 1000-1900 PSI
  • Medium-duty 2000-2900 PSI
  • Heavy-duty (professional) 3000-5000 PSI