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Practical Tips for Effective Deck Cleaning Using Power Washer
Deck Power Washing

Effective deck power washing is anchored on the proper use of the right deck pressure washer and cleaning solutions. It is important that we provide the right amount and proper care and maintenance to our decks.

Premature deterioration and damage to the decks are the result of neglect and improper care and maintenance. What is worse is that we may be doing regular deck power washing but we may not be doing it right. Most of us may not know it, but we may even be doing more harm than good when we are not following the right way of cleaning our decks.

Importance of Pressure Washing of Decks

Effective and proper deck power washing and sealing are essential in protecting the deck from the major causes of premature deterioration and damage. Effective care and maintenance involve removal of graying of wood, mildew, mold and dirt.

Molds thrive on the accumulation of dirt and debris especially in gutters and flower pots. Wood may weaken and can turn gray from the constant exposure to sunlight. Snow and rain, on the other hand, cause swelling of the wood surface which will eventually lead to the breakdown of the wood fibers and damage. This process leads to a spongy and weakened deck. The deterioration and damage are aggravated by other factors such as smog, droppings and the number of people walking over it.

Practical Tips for Effective Deck Power Washing

  1. Do not use household bleach as a brightening solution for decks. This solution may remove dirt and mold but will also damage the wood fibers and leave a residue that will prevent the sealer from penetrating.

  2. The recommended pressure for washing and cleaning of decks is 1500 -1800 PSI.

  3. A hot water power washer is not recommended for decks as hot water will raise the grain severely. A cold water power washer is the appropriate cleaning and maintenance solution for decks.

  4. Effective deck power washing is attained when the bond breaking pressure is reached. The bond breaking pressure is the amount needed to break the bond between the wood surface and the dirt that is attached to it.

  5. The commercial electric and gas pressure washers are the most effective pressure washing equipment for our deck power washing requirements. These power washers meet the specifications required for the proper cleaning of decks and are more durable than the regular residential units.

  6. Do not use cleaning solutions that are not approved or recommended for your power washers. It will not only damage the equipment and its components but can also be harmful to the environment. An ideal cleaning solution should be easy to use, not harmful to humans and are environment-friendly.

  7. Follow the right technique in pressure washing your decks as improper pressure washing may lead to damage and scarring of the wood surface. The wand must be in constant motion while spraying close to the wood surface. At the end of each stroke, you should arc the wand up and away from the surface. This spraying motion can also minimize wood scarring.


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