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Elliptical Storage Tanks and Cradles
Elliptical Storage Tanks

Buying a storage tank to hold your cleaning water and solutions may seem easy at first – until you realize how many different shaped and sized tanks are on the market today. If you thought that all water tanks were alike, you may be surprised to discover the vast variety of elliptical storage tanks available for use with your power washing system.

Available in virtually every shape and size out there, elliptical storage tanks are made to safety hold and transport just about any type of liquid including everything from drinking water, and agricultural irrigation waters to even cleaning solutions and biodiesel fuels.

Offering superior chemical resistance, elliptical storage tanks can be used in two main ways: for transporting liquids to and from a job site; or for stationery use at the site itself. Depending on the types of job you regularly handle, you’ll have to decide exactly how big you need your tank to be, and where it will be used. For instance, smaller tanks are best for indoor use; while large capacity sized tanks are often recommended for out-of-the-way construction or job sites which may not have a readily available water supply.

From rectangular, oval and square tanks, to cone shaped ones designed to fit in specific buildings or areas, elliptical storage tanks can be made to fit any need and/or job requirement or restriction. Some even sport flat bottoms or vertical cubes.

In addition to size and shape variances, elliptical storage tanks are also designed to handle varying degrees of pressure, making them the absolute best storage solution for your power washer’s cleaning waters and cleaning solutions.

When choosing an elliptical storage tank for your business, you’ll need to first consider the size that will best fit your needs. After all, there’s no use buying a tank that’s too large to transport or use on the job sites you frequent; while it is also important to make sure that you get a tank that is large enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Available from 200 to 1600 gallon sizes, elliptical storage tanks can be used both indoors and out, and even feature one or two sump drains on the bottom for easy emptying.

Elliptical Tanks are available with the following sump options:

  • 2.5" sump (standard)
  • 6" deep boxed sump (TD-HED1600-78 only). Deep sump part numbers begin with "HED"
  • 8.5" sloped deep sump

Another thing to consider is the translucency of the tank you purchase. The more translucent the tank, the easier it is to see how much liquid remains inside.

Of course, these larger tanks do require the bottom to be supported by an elliptical storage tank cradle for safety. When buying a storage tank cradle, be sure that it includes bands in quantities that are appropriate, based on the tank’s size.

Regardless of what your elliptical storage tank will be used for, be sure that the one you buy:

  • Can handle contents that have a maximum specific gravity of 1.7 at 73° F
  • Offers chemical resistance
  • Complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.1 and 3.2
  • Is translucent enough to visibly see the tank’s content level


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