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Dropmaster Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Systems
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Why Are Fire Sprinkler Systems Important?

By law all new homes and commercial building are required to have fire sprinkler systems properly installed for the protection of the inhabitants. The sprinkler systems comprise of a combination of pipes and valves that run through the area of the building. At the end of each valve there is a sprinkler head that releases water in the event that smoke is detected by the smoke alarm.

In the event that a fire does occur, the sprinkler system helps douse it without causing much damage to the property. If it is a larger fire the fire sprinkler system may not be able to stop it completely, but it will slow it down giving the inhabitants enough time to evacuate the building.

The accurate working condition of the fire sprinkler system depends on the condition of the sprinkler heads. After every few years the fire safety laws change, requiring the upgrading of these sprinkler heads. Their frequent maintenance is also very important because a clogged sprinkler head can be really dangerous.

Maintenance of the sprinkler systems is not easy. The pipeline has water in it and even after the valve has been closed to stop the water, the pipes are not empty. Once the sprinkler head is removed water in the pipe is bound to leak and make the whole area wet. That is why now fire sprinkler maintenance systems are used during the replacement or servicing of sprinkler heads.

How it Works

Dropmaster has become a popular name in the maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it performs better than any of the maintenance systems out there and results in more benefits. Here is how the Dropmaster works:

  • It creates a vacuum in the pipes so that the trapped water does not end up damaging the property.
  • Once the vacuum is created the sprinkler heads can easily be changed without having to worry about the trapped water being released.

That is how easy it to carry out fire sprinkler maintenance with Dropmaster. They are best for commercial uses. They are often used by companies that provide cleaning services used commonly with pressure pumps. The pressure pumps can use in water from its tanks for the purposes of cleaning outside area. This way no water is wasted.

Important Features

The Dropmaster comes with some very unique features that are not available in other fire sprinkler maintenance systems. Here is a list:

  • Saving on Labor Costs: Dropmaster does all the work for you by sucking in the trapped water and making it easier to change multiple sprinkler heads at a time. This saves on the labor costs since it takes less than half the time it used to, to get all the work done.
  • Large Holding Tank: The Dropmaster has a huge tank that can contain up to 10 gallons of water.
  • Change Multiple Sprinkler Heads: Since trapped water in the pipes is sucked in by Dropmaster, it is possible to change as many as 4 sprinkler heads at one time.
  • Automated Draining System: The Dropmaster has the capability of draining up to 20 feet long pipes of the fire sprinkler system at a given time. The draining creates a vacuum effect in the pipes which prohibits any trapped water from leaking while the sprinkler is being changed.