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General Pump: A Powerful Product that Consistenlty Delivers
General Pumps

When searching for the right kind of pressure washer it can be a hard decision when it comes to what kind of pump you'll benefit from to get your job done, but that decision's been made easy with General Pump! Manufactured in several different styles with regard to the amount of PSI each pump delivers down to size of unit, there is a pump designed to handle every job, big or small.

General Pumps come in different series and each one delivers its own special qualifications. For example, the popular TP Series 51 includes an unloader and downstream injector and also offers a forged brass manifold backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty.

Ideal for all general cleaning applications, this General Pump features new, over-sized connecting rods for maximum crankcase performance. The TP Series 51 comes standard with SAE J609 gas engine mounting flange or NEMA 56C mounting flange and offers solid ceramic plungers with continuously lubricated packing; available in ā€œLā€ or left-handed versions as well.

The EZ Series 44G features 5% reduction in crankcase load compared to standard 3000 PSI-15mm pumps. Also available in a left-handed version, this revolutionary one-piece plunger design comes standard with an SAE J609 gas mounting flange for up to 16 hp engines! Thanks to a new, unique bonding process this unit gives superior plunger performance against thermal shock and cavitations. This tough pump has a force of 4000 PSI to ensure even the most resistant matter is easily broken down and washed away. It is great for personal use as well as industrial projects.

Need something with enough power to finish those high end industrial jobs you have lined up? You may want to consider a unit from the T Series by General Pump. Manufactured using the preferred frame in the pressure washer cleaning industry including a forged brass manifold with a lifetime warranty, this unit will get the job done every time. With over-sized connecting rods for maximum life, the 47 S also offers a large-capacity, die cast, anodized aluminum oil-bath crankcase complete with heavy duty tapered roller bearing. Need something yet even stronger? The 47 S also offers a unit equipped with 5000 PSI and a thermally-bonded ceramic coating rated for 10,000 PSI. This model offers a proven crankcase and bearing design along with many other features capable of performing even the toughest of pressure washing projects.

General Pump, a member of the Interpump Group, offers durability, cost efficiency and easily accessible designs to tackle any type of pressure washing jobs. Whether they be for personal use or for those of you with a business and a diverse customer base, there is a unit designed to conquer any type of situation that requires pressure washing! Backed by a company who takes pride in the products they sell, you are guaranteed to be more than satisfied with a tool that delivers optimum performance levels consistently.


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