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Graffiti Removal: Arm Your Community With the Right Equipment
Graffiti Removal

It's a shame that most cities or large metropolitan areas suffer from the constant expense of graffiti removal! The amount of money it takes to hire a company or other professionals to battle the spray paint, oil based paints and other types of substances used to desecrate buildings, bridges and other surfaces could be so much better put to use in other desperate areas! Unfortunately, no matter how hard any neighborhood watch may try, there are those individuals out there who are always going to use the “world as their canvas” in order to get their “message” across and graffiti will always be a costly problem. You can't stop the “oppressed” from making their mark, but what if there were a more cost effective way to solve the graffiti removal problem?

If it is up to a small group of people within a community to volunteer their time and resources with regard to graffiti removal, perhaps the edition of a pressure washer or even a sandblaster can help to keep up with the problem in a cost efficient way. It may not stop the ones responsible for letting the city know that “Adam Loves Rachel” but it can help empower the volunteers with equipment that can efficiently aid in graffiti removal and still maintain the original surface underneath!

In order to remove unwanted writing and pictures from all types of surfaces, it's essential to have a pressure washer with the right amount of PSI. In most instances, as PSI of 2000-3500 should do the trick in graffiti removal, especially on concrete surfaces.

Hot water pressure washers are the most effective in removing all types of materials used in creating the graffiti. The right kind of nozzle head is extremely important when trying to release the bond of the unwanted material without hurting the actual surface that it it written on. Using a nozzle with a fan type spray is best; any type of direct line or “pencil spray” can cause costly damage to the underlying surface and should be avoided.

A water pressure washer / sandblaster combination may be the most cost effective and time efficient way to combat the different types of surface contaminants and paints used in graffiti. Sand blaster attachments are available to be used in conjunction with the pressure washer and are quite easy to operate. The use of silica sand for most graffiti removal jobs is highly recommended however referring to the instruction manual will help to resolve which type of sand may be best for easiest removal without damaging the underlying material.

Chemical solvents can be added to the spray of the pressure washer but must be used with care as some solvents can actually cause more damage to certain surfaces. Refer to the label of the solvent to be sure that it can be used safely on the surface you're trying to clean. Performing a spot check is recommended. Apply the solvent on a small area, wait the proper amount of time indicated on the label and then determine if that particular chemical will have the desired effect on the clean up you're trying to accomplish.

Graffiti removal can be conducted in a cost efficient manner with the right equipment and dedicated volunteers. Adding a combination pressure washer / sand blaster can greatly reduce the amount of time and manpower needed to combat the problem on a consistent basis.


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