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High Pressure Hose: A Necessary Investment
High pressure hose is an essential part of the unit and an important factor to consider when making your purchase! There are a variety of different hoses to choose from with regard to length, resistance, power and efficiency for certain jobs. A consumer choosing a hose to use for his own personal projects around the house will almost always differ from those who are adding the washer to their business for use in industrial jobs. Planning ahead with regard to types of work you'll need your pressure washer to perform will definitely help you in deciding which hose will best suit your needs.
High Pressure Hose

Most high pressure hoses have the ability to perform using hot AND cold water. They can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees without damaging the hose or the person using it! The hoses come in a variety of lengths giving the consumer the freedom of movement and maneuverability according to their needs. While most pressure washers themselves are portable, having the right length hose is an added benefit when it comes to the actual cleaning application process for the person handling the gear.

Choosing the right high pressure hose is essential when considering the amount of PSI you may need to tackle the job! You wouldn't want to purchase a hose that can only handle 3000 PSI when the job calls for the use of 5000 PSI. That could not only damage the hose but can also damage the entire pressure washer unit. Knowing in advance the amount of pressure you'll more than likely be using for particular jobs will greatly aid in choosing a hose, purchasing more than one will guarantee you always have the proper tools to safely perform your cleanings.

Another feature for a variety of high pressure hoses is the light-weight capacity for ease of handling. A lighter hose makes the whole unit easier to guide with regard to a target area in need of the cleaning application. Ease of handling is essential when it comes to the use of pressure washers seeing how almost always a cleaning job requires a smooth, methodical application to properly clean a surface. If a hose is hard to handle it can make the finished cleaning job look uneven and erratic, almost spot-like in appearance. Flexibility and stretching is another aspect you want to look for to ensure comfort while cleaning hard to reach spaces.

Purchasing a high pressure hose with bend restrictors on both ends is a must! Nothing is more aggravating during a cleaning application than a hose that bends and kinks reducing the proper amount of flow of water! Not only can that be time consuming but can also lead to an uneven surface appearance due to the even amount of pressure needed to complete the job from start to finish. It's a good idea to make sure that the hose you'd like is able to withstand the mild chemicals you may choose to use for cleanings. If it isn't properly outfitted to resist erosion from the detergents it's necessary to find one that is!

High pressure hoses are an essential part of the entire washer system and the type to buy should be properly weighed out by the consumer. Determine what types of jobs the hose will be used for, the temperature of the water you plan on using and if any chemicals or detergents will be applied to the water and you'll find a hose to match with the best endurance!


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