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Water Pumps in Pressure Washers
High Pressure Water Pumps

Don’t be bedazzled by high pressure water pumps!

There are as many water pumps as the number of applications imaginable. Any application which requires conveyance of water—aquarium, fountain, swimming pool, pressure washing and sewer jetters—has suitable high pressure water pumps which have unique designs and specifications.

When choosing a pressure washer for domestic use, for example, DIYers and homeowners must look beyond the rate of water delivery and price and must also look at the heart of the device: the water pump. Pressure washers are only as good as the high pressure water pumps that power them.

Because the pressure of the water depends on the driving force, it is important to choose a pressure washer with a reliable and powerful pump. Pressure washers used in homes and small businesses contain any of the following two types of pumps.

The most common and popular is the axial cam water pump. To be on the safe side, insist on a pressure washer with a branded axial cam pump. There are unbelievably cheap axial cam pumps but they don’t last long. Typically, expect a running life of 60 to 100 hours only for such pumps. Well-known axial cam high pressure water pumps which initially cost more are likely to give good value in the long run.

The alternative is the more expensive, but heavy-duty triplex pumps. These are typically embedded in high quality, robust pressure washers used by cleaning companies and businesses. These are also used in dosing pumps where accurate amounts of water (or other liquid) are dispensed per unit time.

Triplex pumps have long life expectancy and seldom break down. For the average homeowner, it is nice to have an expensive and good quality pressure washer with a triplex pump, but it is likely overkill. You won’t maximize its use.

You may have acquired the best and most expensive pressure washer complete with a triplex pump but that is not a guarantee of long companionship unless you take simple steps in maintaining its tip-top condition.

Don’t allow the pump to dry out. Regularly changing your pump oil is the cheapest and most effective way to protect your pressure washer. And it only requires a few minutes every time you change oil.

If you hear unusual squeals or raspy sounds, check out for worn-out parts. Most of the pressure washers and high pressure water pumps in the market have ready available spares. Replace worn-out parts before the problems get out of hand.

Always keep it free from mud and grime that occasionally stick during application. These nasty elements serve as nuclei for corrosion to grow and peeling of paint to start.

Treat your pressure washer (and high pressure water pump) as lovingly as your pet terrier. Like your dog, it will give you much satisfaction for years.


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