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Commercial to Home Generators: Portable, Stationary, Recreation
Home Generators
Honda Powered Home Generators

Portable Generators

These units can be grouped in three categories: hand carry, cart mounted, and master frame generators. Home generators are usually gasoline or diesel powered. They are capable of running 1 to 8 hours at half loads and up to 10 hours and full operational loads. Hand carry and home generator models are practical for powering up hand tools when working around your house or at construction sites. They can run up to 2000 W. Cart mounted can be designed with two or four wheels. They can be pushed and moved around when needed. These generators are especially great for places where there is a need for larger number of item supplied with power at the same time. Master frame units are more robust and can supply a power for both 120V and 240V machines and other equipment. The most popular from this group are Honda generators because of they durability as well as their low maintenance and quiet operation.

Stationary Generators

These are usually standby systems that provide an automatic backup for homes and offices. These business / home generators are typically liquid propane or natural gas powered. They can either have a manual or automatic switches. With manual system the user is required to power up the generator during the power outage vs. automatic ones will start as soon as the switch registers the power failure in the building. They have long our operations that can be as much as 15 hrs of running time. The wattage output on these units varies between 7,000 W to 40,000 W.

Recreation Generators

Recreation generators or great for camping, class B or class C motor homes with a single roof air conditioner, as well as for RV vehicles. Their capacity can run between 3 kW and 4 KW. The most popular are Generac generators because of the advanced technology they are equipped with. Some of the advantages that they include are OHVI Engine with “Wave Shaper", Variable-speed running and computer controlling.

Commercial Generators

These models are the largest and the most robust power producers in the industry. They can provide as much as 200kW output. They are designed to supply large medical centers, manufacturing plants and industrial factories. Such industries heavily depend on a steady and uninterrupted power supply and must have a reliable source that only commercial generators can provide.


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