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Honda Powered Generators: For Home Owners
Honda Powered Generators

Honda Powered Generators are used for both commercial as well as home applications. They are light weight and can produce power ranging from 1000 to 10,500 watts. You can use the smooth power presented by them for construction, rental and emergency use. The Honda’s four-stroke engines that are used in the Honda powered generators are the quietest engines in the world. The Honda Generators for the residential use comes in the range of 64-68 decibels or db. There are some generators that produce sound which is as low as 49 db. These are generally used for office premises.

The most popular Honda Power Generators for home owners is EU Series (Portable Power Technology) which comes in the range of 1000-6500 W, also known as Super Quiet Series. The inverter technology is integrated in these generators. In the inverter technology, the raw power is taken by the generator and processed through a microprocessor.

The power now produced has a sine wave that is equal to the AC current, which is just like the power from the standard household wall outlet. Due to the inverter technology, the weight of Honda Powered Generators has been substantially reduced. The conventional alternators have been discarded and the recent inverter models weigh 50% less and occupy 1/3rd of the space.

The Super Quiet Series has inverters that consist of light-weight models, which are enclosed in a frame. These generators are designed so that the home owners can easily take them outdoors for unlimited entertainment. They are portable, noiseless and very convenient to use.

They are ideal for home backups, public events and functions where quietness is essential. The 1000 and 2000 watts models are designed to be carried along with you in the small vehicles. The 1000 watt model can be used where you require low electricity supply. The 2000 watts model can be used to make coffee, check the computer, and watch TV and also power refrigerator, all at the same time. The noise level is about 59 dbs.

If you want more function, then the 3000 watts compact Honda Powered Generators is ideal. This generator will quietly supply power to your air conditioning units as well. As a home back-up unit, it can supply power to the furnace, refrigerator, hair drier, television and some lights. Then there is EU6500 series. The generators belonging to this series are more powerful, yet they are light-weight, noiseless and portable. They weigh 253 pounds and are capable of producing continuous power at 60 decibels.

In addition, the Economy Series and the Deluxe Series are also included in the Honda Powered Generators for home owners. All the generators belonging to the two series have four-stroke engines and features safety systems in which the unit is automatically shut-off when the oil levels become low. The Deluxe Series generators have electric start and remote start potential. They can run for very long time (up to 15 hours) on one tank of fuel. The engines of the generators are housed in the tubular steel frames.


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