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Free Standing Horizontal Water Storage Tanks
Horizontal Water Storage Tank

Horizontal water storage tanks are used in a number of industries.  They include horticulture, livestock, drinking water, irrigation water, chemical manufacturing and food preparation industries.

These containers have built in legs, with band locators to hold them down and can stand alone. They are made of durable polyethylene plastic with U.V. inhibitors. This means that the liquid in the container will have some protection against ultra violet rays from sunlight. It will also protect the container.

They can support liquid up to 1.7 specific gravity. Specific gravity is the weight of a gallon of chemical divided by the weight of a gallon of water.  If chemicals weighed 10 lb and a gallon of water weighs 8.33 lb then the specific gravity of the liquid will be 1.2

The Horizontal water storage tanks are translucent so that you can see how much liquid is in them. They also have markers to show how many gallons are left. This is very convenient as you can see at a glance how much liquid you have in the container.

Three colors are available that are FDA compliant; green, natural and yellow. The green color inhibits the growth of algae and is often used for stock tanks. The natural or white color is translucent and can be used for many purposes.  The yellow color is often used for horticulture and livestock use like; liquid feed, crop care tanks and septic tanks. Natural and white

Horizontal water storage tanks are made according to the ESCR values. It is important to check these values on the ones that you are considering purchasing. If you have any doubt you should consult with the manufacturer. This is because certain chemicals will have an adverse effect on the ESCR or cracking values of the container. Hot temperatures will also accelerate cracking. It is wise to keep your containers away from too much heat and adverse elements. This will prolong the life of your containers. You should also try to decrease stress at bands and fittings around the container.

The smaller Horizontal water storage tanks for 35 gallons can be shipped by FED EX but larger ones will come by freight shipping. This means that you will need to allow a longer time for shipping if you need larger containers.

Note that the larger containers holding 510 gallons are elliptical not round. They have molded legs and can be secured by steel band kits.  These elliptical containers require a cradle at the base for extra safety. The larger ones have a sump pump located centrally on the container. Smaller ones will have the sump pump located beneath the lid.  

Horizontal water storage tanks come in sizes up to 1600 gallons. You will find a container to fit your specific needs from the wide selection. If in doubt about your needs it is good to contact the manufacturer so that you can get the exact container.