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Let Hose Reels Help Organize Your Life!

Hose Reels

If you are the typical homeowner who has been watching helplessly garden and power washer hoses snaking around the lawn and wondering if your 5-year-old would trip on them one of these days, hose reels could give you some relief.

These lowly devices are often overlooked during shopping sprees for work-related gadgets for the home, but it is amazing how these can significantly improve your productivity.

Hose reels are invented to store hose safely and neatly, and to make your work organized and manageable. There are as many kinds as there are uses: there are reels for garden hose, simple water hose, air hose, welding hose and many others. Power cords also require them, but let us confine ourselves to water hoses; specifically, pressure washer hoses.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are designed for specific functions. The common garden hose reel comes in hard plastic which have weather-tolerant brass swivels and bearings, and sturdy enough to last for years.

There are wall mountable types which are perfect for storage; and there are others with attached mechanism to wind and unwind lengths of your choice. Still others are mounted on platform with caster wheels which come in handy when moving hoses around.

Various types differ according to function. Product specifications include hose length, maximum load weight, hose inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), core diameter, flange diameter, and inside traverse.

They can be differentiated according to wind methods. Manual models make use of a wooden crank. For bigger and longer hoses, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors take the drudgery out of winding and rewinding these monster snakes.

Electric motor specifications to look at include shaft speed, terminal voltage, current rating, torque and continuous output power. Hydraulic motors are rated according to its operating pressure, operating torque, temperature tolerance, speed, fluid viscosity (these are not designed for water only) and displacement per revolution. A pneumatic or air motor has its peculiar torque, maximum air pressure rating, air volume consumption, speed and operating noise level.

For pressure washer enthusiasts, hose reels are indispensable. A power wash hose reel keeps your power washer hose uncluttered, untangled and ready to use. You can smoothly unwind your hose during work and snugly keep the whole paraphernalia when you’re done. Choose one durable enough to withstand harsh conditions or rough handling and preferably with a latching mechanism to fix the length you want.

These reels also protect the power washer hose from cracking, fraying and excessive wear; extending the useful life of the device.

An added benefit of hose reels is accident prevention. Many accidents—some fatal—in workplaces and at home can be traced to tripping on hoses carelessly scattered around. Hopefully, you would realize the benefits before hindsight that may be too late.

With hose reels, you’ll work faster and in a more organized fashion. You also get the feeling that your life has become more structured and your work ethic has improved.


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