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Hot Water Pressure Washers
Hot Water Pressure Washers Hot water cleaning is very cost effective. Even lukewarm water will reduce chemical usage but hot water, 160º F and up, will dramatically reduce both chemical consumption and cleaning time. From 160º F to 210º F, hot water effectively reduces the viscosity of both animal fats (food grease), petroleum based oils and grease. This allows these products to be readily washed off with minimal chemical requirements. The resulting labor and chemical cost savings are impressive. In fact, hot water cleaning will increase the productivity of any cleaning operation.

Hot water pressure washers use several types of heating method to get to raise the temperature of the water. They are:
1. Oil - Diesel, Fuel Oil, Kerosene
2. Gas - Natural or LP
3. Electric

In order to choose the correct heating method you will need to consider several factors, such as, the overall cost of heating, where the cleaning will be performed, what applications will be completed, do you need a portability, and how hot the water will need to be.

Today, the most popular method to heat up hot water pressure washers is diesel or kerosene. This allow the machine to be portable and available at different sites.

The second most popular heating method is by liquid propane or natural gas. These units are usually stationary and are used indoors. Therefore, the proper ventilation is a must. They are hard plumbed into the gas system of the building where they are located. They present the most cost efficient type of the high pressure washer.

All electric hot water pressure washers use electricity to power up the motor as well as to heat up the water in the burner. This is the most costly investment, but on the other hand it is the cleanest and safest way to heat up water. The usually use high voltage and amperage in order to accomplish just that. They can be either portable or stationary.

As far as the size, hot water pressure washer machines will usually be heavier and bigger then the cold water high pressure washers. If you need a higher pressure wand larger water volume output your units will probably weigh around 750 lbs. The reason for this is the bigger motor and larger pump and frame to support all additional weight.

The construction of the hot water pressure washers come with a variety of options in their construction. Knowing where, how, and how often the unit will be used will aid in determining if you need a heavy-duty model or a light-duty model. If the unit is to be used less than 5 hours a week, a light-duty machine should be sufficient. Anything more than 5 hours per week, then an industrial/commercial grade hot water pressure washer will be necessary.


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