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How to Use Pressure Washer: A guide for you.
How to Use Pressure Washer

When you’re in the market to buy a pressure washer, you become confused about the kind of pressure washer you need. Once you have bought it you will want know how to use pressure washer. The following article will give a general idea on the applications and usage of pressure washers. There are many types of pressure washers like PSI, GPM, Electric, Gas, Hot or Cold, Belt driven, Direct, Camshaft and Axial pump. Since the choices are so vast, it is essential that you choose a pressure washer that keeps the overhead costs at a minimum.

If you are interested in the cleaning power of the water then, PSI, GPM and CU are the best options. PSI unit means pounds per square inch water pressure that is gets developed in the machine. GPM or the gallons per minute means the amount of water flowing through the unit. It is basically the rate at which the requisite unit of water gets sprayed.

CU is the combination of the PSI and GPM. The PSI units that come in the category of 1300-2200 PSI are generally used for cleaning light stuff like cars and lawn gears. But the machines that belong to 2200-3000 PSI are crafted to fulfill the bigger jobs like cleaning vinyl. While the light PSI units are used for home purposes, the heavier ones are used on commercial basis. There are some pressure washers that are above 3500 PSI; however, these are rarely used for residential.

Another aspect of how to use pressure washers depends on is the pressure washers are electric or gasoline based. The electric washers are easier to handle and generally preferred by the consumers. They are handy and since they run on power, they can be used almost anywhere where there is electricity and pressurized water.

The gasoline machines are generally used for purposes like maintaining soiled concrete or washing large vehicles like trucks etc. The only advantage of the gas pressure washers is that they are portable since electric cords and power are not required.

How to use pressure washers on greasy surfaces? Most of the times, the source of water is non-heated, but when the surface contains heavy grease that cannot be removed via cold water, heated pressure washers are used. The hot water pressure washers use propane or diesel burners and they are more expensive than their non-heated counterparts.

Also the heated pressure washers require more care and you cannot run cold water through them, or their internal parts like the O-rings may get damaged.

When your pressure washer fails, the error is that of the user. So familiarize yourself on how to use pressure washer well, before starting any task. Before initiating, adjust the speed if you are utilizing the gasoline driven pressure washer. When you choose the spray pattern, always opt for the widest spray pattern. You should start the cleaning process with the subject at some distance. Slowly move towards the subject while managing the spray arrangement.


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