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Karcher Pressure Washer: High Pressure Washing of Landmarks
Karcher Pressure Washer

What do Mount Rushmore in the U.S., Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square in London, Space Needle in Seattle, and Karcher pressure washer have in common?

The first three locations are world-famous landmarks visited yearly by thousands of tourists. All of them have been spruced up spic and span recently by a Karcher pressure washer.

That all of those commissioned to clean up these iconic symbols chose a Karcher pressure washer, cleaning equipment and Karcher pressure washer parts is no surprise. Karcher has firmly established itself since 1950 as the brand synonymous with cutting-edge technology and advanced cleaning solutions for hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals.

In particular, the Karcher pressure washer, which delivers high-volume, hot water cleaning power, has become the cleaning professional’s dream device. Laboratory and field tests have shown that the Karcher classic model hot water pressure washers use 25+% less fuel compared to standard models—thanks to these innovative features:

  • A firebrick floor efficiently both absorbs and bounces off heat longer within the heating chamber
  • Added heat-transfer efficiency is made possible by a double-pass coil forcing the water to circulate twice through the heating chamber
  • Outside air which serves as insulation layer is pre-heated prior to being injected into the flame for optimum combustion.

Karcher’s high-volume, hot water pressure delivers cleaning power of up to 10.3 GPM and 3000 PSI at a temperature up to 200°F. It features a rugged frame construction, low fuel shutdown, a patented RM 110 Anti Scale systems and a belt-drive pump which comes in with 7-year warranty. All the available four models have the trademark super-efficient, dual burner which clocks 92% heat-transfer efficiency—far above the 60-70% attained by other brands.

The different models are powered by either a Honda or Kawasaki gas engine or a Lombardini diesel engine.

A Karcher pressure washer not only cleans thoroughly, but saves fuel costs, too!

For cleaning Nelson’s Column which stands at 51.86 meters, the Karcher pressure washer chosen was model HDS 745 hot-water pressure washer. Two of these have been fitted with three 20 meter extension hoses while keeping the machines at ground level. The machines’ power overcame the unavoidable pressure loss due to height.

“By using hot water, the cleaning—and drying—time can be reduced by as much as 80 per cent,” explains Simon Keeping, Karcher UK managing director. Pressure levels can be adjusted as required by restorers to protect delicate areas.

To ensure a successful work, technicians from David Ball Restoration Limited which was commissioned for the delicate job, were specially trained to use the variable pressure cleaners of Karcher. To bring life to the sandstone statue of Admiral Nelson himself and to clean the surfaces and recesses of the granite column, Karcher also supplied rotary and steam nozzles.

For the Space Needle, the environment-friendly cleaning method earlier developed for the Mount Rushmore job using a Karcher pressure washer was adopted. The method is fully green because it uses only hot water, eliminating damaging chemicals to priceless monuments of glory.



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