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Pet Washing Machines: For Pet Owners, Groomers and Veterinarians
Pet Washing Machines

Pet groomers realize the importance of high quality and efficient tools to wash and clean their customer’s pets and at Ultimate Washer we have the pet washing machines that can do the job right. These self-service pet grooming machines are made to get pets as clean as possible as simply as possible. The pet grooming machines are made with high quality steel frames to stand up to washing pets of all different sizes. These machines can be placed in a bay or other building to allow pet owners to wash their pets just as simply and easily as a pet groomer or veterinarian.

This pet washing machine is available in coin operated, token operated, and bill operated versions or manual versions to fit your needs and desires. This can give you an excellent opportunity to make a profit. These pet washing grooming machines provide all of the tools needed to get your pet clean, including shampoo, flea and tick treatment, and more. This will keep your customers coming back time and time again to get their pet cleaned.

Cleaning pets at home is very difficult. Finding a place where you can wash your pet comfortably and easily is often difficult in a home. By offering pet washing machines that include every facet they need to get their pet clean is much easier and cheaper than visiting the groomer every time that Fido needs a bath. The self-service machines offer shampoo, conditioner, disinfectant, flea and tick repellant, odor control, rinsing, and warm drying to make your pet clean and shiny.

If you own a kennel, pet center, or a grooming center, you will surely want to add one of these pet washing machines to your business. Whether you have employees that specialize in grooming that are going to clean and groom the pets or you are just offering washing services, you will find that these pet grooming machines can offer your customers a much needed service. These machines make washing and cleaning pets easier, simply because you do not have to bend over to wash the pets.

These commercially designed pet washing machines will hold up to almost any sized pet. They feature a ramp that allows the pet to walk into the machine, rather than a person having to pick them up to place them inside the machine. This makes washing and cleaning pets much less stressful on the back and it makes it much more comfortable. Everything that is needed to get a pet clean and smelling fresh is at your fingertips to make the process as easy and simple as possible.

Pet grooming machines are available in money operated versions or manual versions to allow you to fit your intended purpose. From the steel frame to everything you need at your fingertips, these pet grooming machines are sure to hold up to washing pets for a long time to come. Whether you choose to add them to an existing pet oriented business or you purchase it for your own needs, you will find that the pet washing machines will fit your pet grooming and washing needs.


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