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Tips for Pressure Washer Chemicals
Pressure Washer Chemicals

The pressure washer chemicals you use can greatly affect how well you do your job. Choosing the right chemicals is the first step to giving your clients the quality pressure washing service they deserve. But, it requires more than just choosing pressure washing chemicals that work. It also requires choosing cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for the job at hand, not to mention ones that won’t harm either your equipment or the environment.

Choose Only Approved Cleaning Solutions

The most important thing to remember when choosing the right pressure washer chemicals for your next cleaning job is to buy only cleaning solutions that have been industry approved for use in all machines. Non-approved power washer chemicals aren’t just harmful to the environment; they can damage your washer’s hoses, seals, wand and pump! Approved chemicals, on the other hand, are biodegradable, which makes them harmless to use.

Know How to Best Use Your Cleaning Solutions

While choosing the right pressure washer chemicals will help you do a quality cleaning job, so is knowing how best to use whatever cleaning solutions you ultimately pick.

If you’re using a pressure washer, you won’t have to worry about injecting the pressure washer chemicals at the right time; your pressure washer will do it for you when the wand is adjusted for low pressure. If, however, the equipment you use doesn’t feature a downstream chemical injector, then you will need to use a standard sprayer.

To allow the cleaning solution to best penetrate the surface being cleaned, be sure to only apply the chemical under a low pressure setting. Otherwise, the cleaning solution may not be able to adhere to the surface and clean it.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Pressure Washer Chemicals for Specific Jobs

There are different kinds of cleaning solutions for different types of cleaning jobs. Finding the best one to get rid of the dirt and grime you face may be the most important thing you can do to get the best results. Here are just a few of the most popular pressure washer cleaning chemicals on the market today:

  • Detergent Mix Kits
    Easy-to-use, and the most economical, concentrated detergent mix kits are super concentrates designed specifically for use in pressure washers and can be mixed to the concentrate needed for each individual job.
  • All Purpose Cleaners
    Formulated to tackle all kinds of dirt, grit, grease and soap scum, non-caustic, non-butyl, low-foaming all purpose cleaners are safe to use on most vehicles, buildings, decks, fences and painted surfaces.
  • Degreasers
    Greasy jobs are best handled with a degreaser designed to treat metals and painted surfaces including engines and vehicles. Degreasers are also good at cleaning up severe mildew and soap scum.
  • Vehicle Cleaners
    When cleaning vehicle engines, parts road film, smoke trails, etc, a vehicle cleaner is best. Since it also contains a wax for an attractive finish that keeps dirt from adhering, vehicle cleaners are also great for treating polished aluminum.
  • Aluminum Brighteners
    Designed to handle the toughest of cleaning jobs, aluminum brighteners are highly concentrated, non-fuming, acid-based detergents that contain extra wetting that helps clean and restore oxidized aluminum. This specialized
  • Parts Washer Detergent
    A powder blend featuring a multi-metal rust and corrosion prohibitor formula, this type of detergent is ideal for cleaning automatic parts washers, steel, aluminum, and copper, brass and plastic. It also works well in soak tanks and ultrasonic.
  • Coil Cleaners
    Designed to remove mineral and scale buildup in heating coils, coil cleaners help them once again reach their peak performance level.


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