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Tips for Choosing Nozzles and Tips For Your Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer Nozzle

Not every pressure washer nozzle and spraying tip can (or should) be used for every cleaning job. Some nozzles and tips are better suited for some jobs than others, so its important to learn what each pressure washer nozzle and tip style are designed for to ensure the best quality cleaning.

Basic Pressure Washer Nozzle Styles
When choosing the right sprayer tips, you first must figure out what type of pressure washer nozzle they must fit. Pressure washer nozzles come in two basic styles:

  1. The Two Piece Gun or Wand. These are usually found on smaller personal-sized electric units, and use orifices instead of standard tips.
  2. Large Electric Guns and Wands. Larger scale commercial units usually use either Multi-Reg or Q Meg Tips. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s recommendations for buying and installing new tips to the nozzle.

Once you figure out what type of orifice or tip your pressure washer uses, you’ll have to figure out what size tip or orifice will best fit your pressure washer nozzle. You can do this by:

  • Determining your washer’s pressure and flow
  • Determining your unit’s gun or wand style
  • Matching the pressure and flow of your machine with the style of the gun or wand that you have
  • Matching the orifice size or Q Meg you need using the tool guide listed in your user’s manual.

Pressure Washer Tip Varieties
Once you have determined what size tip your pressure washer will take, it’s time to figure out which tip styles are best to the individual cleaning jobs you’ll be using them for. There are a variety of different kinds of tip styles available to help you do a superior pressure washer cleaning. Some of the most common ones you may want to consider using include:

Interchangeable Tips

To get the job done right, you may need to vary the spray’s pressure, or even the amount of chemical cleaner being used. Interchangeable tips can help you do just that. Plus, they’ll allow you to change the angle of the spray when needed.

Chemical Injectors

To have more control over when (and how much) cleaning solution will be sued throughout a washing job, install a chemical injectors to your pressure washer nozzle. This will allow you to spray the cleaning pressure washer chemicals when needed, thus eliminating wasting chemicals by having them spray continuously the entire time the washer is spraying.

Multi-Reg (Rotating) Tips

Some cleaning jobs require you to rotate the spray of water. Using a pressure washer with an rotating spray nozzle tip will allow you to rotate your spray pattern by turning the outer shell of the pressure washer’s nozzle back and forth or forward and backward, depending on what you need. One note though: when using an adjustable tip, be sure to pull the pressure washer nozzle back toward the gun for a high pressure rinse, and forward with a low pressure to enable the soap injector to draw the cleaning chemical through the system properly.

Once you have chosen the right tips for your pressure washer’s nozzle, depending on the type of job you will be using it for, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to rinse that dirt and grime away.


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