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Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner
Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Save money. Save time and increase your profits on any (and every) pressure washing job. How? By choosing and using just the right surface cleaner products for the job ahead.

Powerful and reliable, pressure washer surface cleaners can be used to strip nearly any surface (driveways, concrete, floors, parking lots, roofs, boat decks, and more), of all kinds of dirt and grime in a fraction of the time as other cleaners.

Since they offer industrial strength cleaning, surface cleaners work faster, meaning that you can finish a job quicker and move onto the next; are more efficient; and have a longer useful life. Plus, your customers will love what a great job you’ve done and call you back to tackle their next big cleaning job.

What are some other benefits of pressure washer surface cleaners? Here are just a few:

  • They offer a huge time savings (for both you and the customer)
  • They’re easy and effortless to use
  • They cost a lot less (especially when you factor in reduced labor costs)
  • They offer a greater look of cleanliness
  • They are universally applicable
  • They can be used with either hot or cold water
  • A circular design allows for a zero wall clearance
  • A hovering action allows the leaner to "float" above the ground
  • Streaking and fatigue are virtually eliminated

So, what are pressure washer surface cleaners best used for? Here are just a few of the most basic applications they are great at handling:

  • Removing deposits, mass, algae, fuel, oil and grease from drive through pads, boat ramps, tennis courts, roofs, pools, decks , walkways, factory floors, semi trailer floors, fishing docks, and loading docks
  • Cleaning stubborn stains from asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Disinfecting saunas, bathroom areas
  • Cleaning hard to treat driveways.

How Surface Cleaners Work

Able to remove dirt and grime from flat surfaces 15 time faster than a standard pressure washing telescoping wand, surface cleaners work by spinning their arms in a counter clock wise direction for up to 1800 RPM (rotations per minute), while spraying the path from 16” to 30” in diameter. These arms rotate/spin with the flow of the water (greater the water volume – the faster the spinning times), which creates a scrubbing action with the water coming out. Since the spray nozzles are only1/2” to 2” away from the surface, it can clean with a much greater scrubbing capacity. This is why it takes less time and energy to finish those more difficult jobs with a pressure washer surface cleaner than a traditional pressure washing spray nozzle.

Still not convinced that investing in a pressure washer surface cleaner can save you valuable time and money, plus allow you to fit more clients into your schedule? Consider this fact: It takes about an hour and a half to clean the average 400 square foot driveway using a regular pressure washer nozzle; and only about 10 minutes to the same (or better) cleaning job using a surface cleaner. Now, just imagine how many more driveways you can complete, and paychecks you can receive in a typical workweek by switching from a rotating spray nozzle to a surface cleaner.


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