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Pressure washing railcars: New prospects for Pressure washing companies
Pressure Washing Railcars

Power washing companies must make use of unconventional methods in order to broaden their client base and maximize profits. Keeping this in view, pressure washing contractors can exploit the railway industry which is still unsaturated and could provide a variety of avenues for making sizeable profits.

Pressure washing railcars can include cleaning the engine, sweeping railcars and getting rid of unwanted markings on the train. Pressure washing railcars provides a variety of opportunities for all entrepreneurs who are confident enough to explore this prospect.

The railway industry of North America is very huge; consequently the need for Pressure washing railcars is immense. There are more than 1.5 million boxcars and more than 24 thousand engines running throughout America, Canada and Mexico.

If you have no previous experience of pressure washing railcars, do not panic. It is no different from washing any other large vehicle. If you do your research thoroughly, there is no doubt that you will be able to tap into the rail washing business and make remarkable profits.

Before offering your services for pressure washing of railcars in a railway company, do proper research. Note down if there are any industry specific rules or regulations that need to be catered to. Also ask the company about the type of railcars that you will be cleaning.

There are certain specific rules for pressure washing of railway cars. One of them states that every railway engine must be cleaned after running for a certain amount of time. Another rule states that the brakes of an engine must be properly covered before washing since pressure washing may cause corrosion in disk brakes. Getting to know these and other rules and regulations is necessary before commencing your business.

The next important thing before bidding for pressure washing of railcars is to ask the company to let you know where the actual cleaning work will be carried out. The location is very important because you must account for ample supply of water and disposal of waste. Climatic conditions of the site can also make your work difficult. For example: it will be very difficult to move around with all the heavy equipment during and after a rainfall. Wastewater management is a crucial aspect of such contracts and must be planned in advance.

Needless to say that railway company contracts must have very tight schedules since the company needs to put the railcar back on track as soon as they can. Working on tight deadlines could prove tiresome in the beginning but once you have put a system in place. It will become relatively easier.

Before you undertake pressure washing railcars for a railway company, make sure that you have made all the proper arrangements like setting up truck lift, waste water management system and getting hold of all the necessary chemicals and equipment. Worker safety must also be ensured since some workers will obviously need to work on top of the railcars as well as beneath the carriage.

Pressure washing railcars entails washing and rinsing the railcar with pressure washer cleaning solutions, degreasing, rinsing again - including undercarriage and wheels. If there are graffiti written on the cars they must be removed manually by scrubbing. The whole process must be repeated several times over.

Graffiti presents a bad view of the railway company and usually railway companies include graffiti removal in any contract for pressure washing of railcars.

The latest trend adopted by railwayscompanies of getting contractors to do their Pressure washing has presented power washing industry with quite a few prospects. If you have done the necessary research and are willing to put in some extra efforts, you can tap into this relatively untouched market and make lots of profit.


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