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Surface Cleaner Products: Community association maintenance areas consist of thousands of square feet of concrete, wood and roof tiles that require cleaning on a regular basis. The conventional gun-and-wand pressure washing method is like cutting a football field with a weed wacker. The answer to this dilemma is today's new high-speed surface cleaners.

8" surface cleaner

8" Stainless Steel


12" surface cleaner

12" Heavy Duty


12" surface cleaner

12" Stainless Steel


16" surface cleaner

16" Surface Cleaner


18" surface cleaner

18" Surface Cleaner


20" surface cleaner

20" Surface Cleaner


20" surface cleaner

20" Stainless

22" surface cleaner

22" Stainless

30" surface cleaner

30" Stainless Steel

360 degree view of the surface cleaner
360 degree view of the surface cleaner
360 degree view of the surface cleaner


Pressure washer surface cleaners are powerful and reliable. They are used for high pressure cleaning driveways, concrete floors, parking lots, roofs, warehouses, boat ramps, garage floors, boat decks, and more. The benefits of using these products are clear: effective, shorter working times, enormous energy savings and long useful life due to their high industrial quality. You will be able to complete your power washing tasks in the shortest possible amount of time.

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