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Title:Use a Sandblaster for removing Graffiti


Sandblaster in action

Graffiti is a serious problem in big cities. It not only looks ugly, it attracts and encourages gangs to frequent the areas that they mark as their territory. It also drives commercial business from these areas. One of the best ways to get rid of this unsightly graffiti is to use a sandblaster to remove it. These machines are very useful as they can get rid of this unsightly mess fast and easily.

How do they work?
This technique for removing graffiti uses compressed air and directs sand granules at a specific point. Care must be taken to ensure that all safety measures are taken when doing this. You also need to be careful when doing this that the right pressure and techniques are used so that the target surface does not get damaged.

How to use them? 
It is important to use safety gear when using a sandblaster. This is because there is a risk, however small, of getting respiratory problems due to the silicone in the sand used for this. You should also wear protective eye wear to protect yourself from any flying debris.

When using this technique to get rid of graffiti you should move the tip over the surrounding areas and the area you wish to clean to make a more even color. Do not work across the graffiti but rather work from the outside in. It is advisable to let professionals do the job to prevent damage to the surface.

Tips for using a sandblaster to remove graffiti

  • When using this machine without chemicals you can use a higher pressure. However if chemicals are used for stubborn stains then you should not use a pressure higher than 80 PSI. If you use a lower pressure the chemicals will remain on the surface where the graffiti is, this will ensure better cleaning. If higher pressure is used with the chemicals will be driven deep into the surface and can cause a stain.

  • Acid is not used very much these days as a cleaner but if you have to use it. Always premix 9 parts of water to 1 part of the acid, when you use your sandblaster. Remember to add the acid to the water, not the other way around, to prevent acid splashing up.

  • A rotating spray nozzle is good when using this technique to remove graffiti. This will allow you to get into hard to reach places without twisting the hose.

  • Always test a small area of the surface you will be cleaning before doing the entire job. This will ensure that you do not spoil the whole area when you use your sandblaster.