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The Gen-Eye Is Like a Spy: Sewer Pipeline Camera Inspection Systems
Sewer Camera, Pipe Inspection

Using a sewer pipeline camera for pipe inspection makes it easier. They know what is important to you and when they have to work for you, you can bet that the quality in service for pipe inspection using their sewer camera is the best. If you are looking to use a sewer pipeline camera when a pipe inspection is done, try the Gen-Eye!

The Gen-Eye is number one when it comes to pipe inspections with a sewer camera. It is a self leveling camera so while the pressure washer is cleaning the way, the Gen-Eye saves the day. With an optical quality that is second to none the Gen-Eye can read the head of a penny even while being blasted with the pressure washers cleaning power for the ultimate pipe inspection with this amazing technology in a sewer camera.

A sewer camera has the unique ability to inspect any pipe that measures 2” through 10” in diameter. The Gen-Eye has a stainless steel shell that protects it like a glove from those rusty pipes and jagged and coarse surfaces that are encountered in the process of troubleshooting your pipes.

You will have the ability to get such a clear picture while doing your pipe inspection that you’ll think the sewer camera pictures were being sent out for framing! The illumination of the camera is controlled by specialized LED’s with the ability to dim them if necessary during this crucial inspection process. Both black and white and color cameras with the ability to have a vivid and sharp picture in pipes as small as 3 inches in diameter are possible.

The Gen-Eye has no sharp edges to cause snags as the camera has a design of 1.6 inches by 1.5 inches creating a very compact package with the latest technology in sewer camera design.

Here are the design specifications that make this wonderful camera so efficient and a must have for the plumbers, for the technicians, for the engineers who want to have the best technology on the market.

  • Interchangeable heads for color or black and white
  • Aircraft technology in it design for pushing and pulling
  • Wire rope reinforcement with a tough fiberglass core sealed in a polyethylene wrap
  • Strength and stability over long distances
  • Standard reels purchasable with 200 or 400 feet of hose
  • All metal parts are powder coated with a safety orange
  • Easy to clean reels because of their open cages
  • Detachable push rods for easy maintenance and the ability to upgrade
  • Complete self-leveling camera

When the Gen-Eye sewer camera is deep inside any sewer or pipe system doing its job, you can find it because it uses the Gen-Eye Digital Locator that allows you to know right where it is at all times by sending out a 512khz or 874khz signal that is transmitted from the Gen-Eye. With a digital read out, graphic display an audible tone and one-hundred sensitivity levels you have the ability to adjust the locator function to pin-point accuracy. This is one system that is so smart, so technologically advanced that it makes you look like a genius while your trouble shooting the worst of piping situations.


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