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Maximize Efficiency, Dependability and Usability with Different Snow Blower Parts
Snow Blower Parts

A snow blower is used for removing snow from unwanted area like sidewalk, roadway, runway, etc. Electric snow thrower, diesel engine or gas snow thrower is needed to throw the snow. By use of snow blower parts you can maximize efficiency, dependability and ease of use with a number of snow blower parts. They are capable of removing snow from few inches in an 18-20inch path to 10-foot (3.05 m) wide, or wider, swaths of heavy snow up to 6 feet (1.83 m) in depth. There are two classes of snow blowers: single stage and two-stage.


SNOW BLOWER COVERS: when snow blower will not be in use a heavy duty cover will protect it.

SNOW BLOWER DRIFTS CUTTERS: They are also known as “Drift Breakers”. Sharp, anesthetically pleasing edges to the snow banks can be created by snow blower that has a built-in drift cutter or you can buy a conversion kit as well.

SNOW BLOWER ELECTRIC STARTERS: Starters are of two type, electric and recoil. They are used in combination also. Electric coil uses a simple button and recoil uses a cord.

SNOW BLOWER GAS, OIL AND STABILIZER: Gas/oil mixture and stabilizer are used in two-cycle engines which are for smaller jobs. It is a liquid which keeps the gas/oil mixture from breaking down over time. Gas and oil feed is separately used in four-cycle engine without stabilizer and it is for bigger jobs but they require periodic oil changes.

SNOW BLOWER SNOW CABS: Sub-zero temperatures and snow flurries can be prevented by snow cabs. As they are sometimes very heavy, they can be used as designed for the specific unit because they can upset the delicate leveling of the auger blades. They are made up of vinyl and freeze resistant polyethylene.

SNOW BLOWER SNOW TIRE CHAINS: They are used to wrap the tires in special snow chains in icy conditions.

SNOW BLOWER OTHER REPLACEMENT PARTS: Certain parts are to be replaced from time to time like in two to ten years because of the friction of snow blowers which include auger, drive belts for augers, impellers, wheels.


The spark plug and the engine oil should be changes at least once each year. Engine can be damaged by too little oil and too much oil can create added exhaust emissions and can hamper starting by fouling the spark plug. In two-stage machines, the bolts protect the gearbox by breaking if the auger hits the hard object. Fuel stabilizer should be added to preserve fuel between storms and clearing seasons. Auger can be kept closer to the surface so that it leaves less snow behind by adjusting the auger’s scraper and skid shoes.

Due to the frictional nature of snow blowers, you will need to replace certain parts from time to time. Auger rubbers, impellers, wheels and scraper bars are some of the items you might need to replace every two to ten years. You may visit a snow blower parts retailer near you in your local yellow pages, or buy parts online. They stock most snow blower parts, from dual-stage augers and belts, to useful whistles and bells like snow cabs and headlights.


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