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Stain Removal
stain removal


When you use a pressure washer for stain removal purposes your first objective is to make sure that you do not damage the object that you are trying to remove the stain from. For hard surfaces like metal and concrete you will want to maintain a pressure between 2000 ND 3500 PSI. If you are removing stains from softer materials such as brick or masonry keeping it below 500 PSI will be better to ensure that you do not damage the object.

The type of nozzle that you use will even make a difference in stain removal. A pencil-jet type nozzle is good for hard surfaces, but a fan-type is better for softer surfaces to avoid any damages being done. When using a pressure washer or sandblaster for stain removal make sure that you always use proper safety precautions, especially with the use of hazardous chemicals.

If you are dealing with a grease or oil base stain, then using a pressure washer that steam cleans with hot water is the best. This is due to the fact that water heated above the temperature of 180 degrees will aid in lifting the grease and oil from the surface making it easier to remove. Some chemicals also work more efficiently when combined with hot water. Using a degreaser combined with a steam cleaner can be a very effective stain removal tool.

Many areas, especially big cities find that the need to remove graffiti is a regular problem that is growing all the time. The best method for this is using a sandblaster to help remove the graffiti from all types of walls and building. This method also works well for stain removal due to rust, backed on grease and other more permanent stains.


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