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Steam Cleaner Pressure Washers: A Great Investment for Cleaning Business
Steam Cleaner Pressure Washers

If you have ever tried to clean oil or grease with cold water, you know it’s pretty much a losing battle. The grease / oil just turn into globs. The same thing will happen if you’re using a pressure washer that is not steam pressure washers. Steam cleaner pressure washers give you the strength of pressure with the added power of steam. Together, any cleaning job will be done more thoroughly and quickly with a power steam cleaner.

Steam cleaner pressure washers come in various models. There is gas or diesel powered steam pressure washers, or electric models. But you will actually have to decide on two systems of generating power to a power steam cleaner. One will run the steam pressure washer motor itself, the other will be needed to heat the pressurized water in the heating coil.

The pump and motor of the power steam cleaner powers the flow and pressure of the water. The burners and coils of steam cleaner pressure washers are separate systems and utilize a separate motor. This motor can be electric, propane, gas, or diesel, and its sole purpose is to heat the water in the heating coil of the power steam cleaner.

For contractors who need steam cleaner pressure washers that are portable, because they often work away from electrical sources, a 12-volt battery is sometimes used to supply electric to an electric burner motor. This adds weight to the unit, but the value of having a steam pressure washer is worth it. Heat and pressure combined are the best ways to effectively clean in almost every circumstance.

An electric steam pressure washer is available with a diesel (#1 home heating oil, kerosene, or #1 or #2 diesel) fired burner or a natural gas or propane fired burner. These electric models offer 2,000 – 3,000 PSI and up to 4.5 GPM. Electric power steam cleaner offers adjustable thermostats with up to 240° F steam. Downstream detergent injection systems or upstream chemical injection with metering valve systems are available. A steam pressure washer kit includes 50’ of wire braided pressure hose, schedule 80 coil (1” insulated blanket), burner, motor, cart or fork lift tines, split stainless-steel outer coil wrap, and more.

Diesel or gasoline steam cleaner pressure washers offer up to 3,000 PSI with 3.5 GPM and the burners are fired with diesel. The steam pressure washer comes with adjustable thermostats, downstream injection systems, 50’ of wire braided pressure hose and schedule 80 coil, motor, burner, and frames with fork lift tines, also.

The power steam cleaner product page at Ultimate Washer has a steam pressure washer to suit any need. All of these units comes in belt driven with a split stainless-steel outer coil wrap and are ready to work.

If you are in the cleaning business and have hesitated to make the investment of steam cleaner pressure washers, you should reconsider. Hot water/steam cleaning is at least 50% faster than cold-water pressure. Realize, too, that many commercial applications require hot water. You can greatly add to your customer base when you have steam or hot water power. When you add up the labor cost savings, you will see that you will make up what you spend on heating the water in your system very quickly!


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