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Tips for Effective and Proper Use of Telescoping Wand
Telescoping Wand

A telescoping wand is an essential attachment of a pressure washer when we are concerned with cleaning solution involving large spray heights and distances. A telescopic wand is a more practical alternative to ladders and scaffoldings in most cases as it reduces risk and makes the job easier.

A pressure washer telescoping wand becomes a primary alternative for cleaning hard to reach areas, and ladders and scaffolding are only used once the major part of cleaning is completed, for final touches and inspection purposes. Thus, a ladder and scaffolding complement this pressure washer attachment in completing a very specific power washing job.

Another important aspect of telescopic wands is that it provides a safer alternative in cases where the cleaning activity exposes us to certain risks. This is a better and safer alternative to ladders and scaffoldings as it gives us the opportunity to avoid going to places where we might expose ourselves to certain harmful elements.

Essential Aspects About a Telescoping Wand

The telescopic wands of power washers are essential in cleaning those areas which are difficult to reach without the use of ladders or scaffoldings. This attachment is composed of sections that are attached together to reach specific heights for cleaning.

The setup of the telescoping wand is dependent on the rated pressure of the power washer and the size of the hose. Extension of length translates to a reduction in the pressure of the water. One setup maintains a higher PSI by incorporating fiberglass in the construction, however, the fiberglass and the added volume of water adds weight to the equipment.

An essential aspect about the telescopic wand involves the control of the unit while doing a task. The added weight means that you have to familiarize yourself with the proper handling of the equipment. This is particularly important when doing some cleaning jobs involving windows and other breakable materials.

One can actually use the force created by the spray against the surface to gain better control. However, you have to determine how close you have to get from the surface being cleaned as you might have difficulty maintaining control if you get too close.

Using a telescopic wand can make the cleaning job easier but it requires a lot of practice before one develops the skill required to handle and control this pressure washer attachment.

Selecting the Best Pressure Washer Telescopic Wands

A good telescoping wand must be sturdy and made of strong material, but at the same time light enough for better handling and control. Its sections should also be able to reach lengths of about 24 feet for a better range of use.

It must also be able to fit most of the standard pressure washer trigger guns. An ideal telescoping wand must have flexibility and that it can be used for metal, brick, concrete walls and other types of surfaces. It must also be able to reach a height of about three stories and still maintain complete control of the entire assembly at all times.

The telescopic wand should be applicable for both domestic uses and industrial requirements. It should also allow the attachment of other accessories, like pressure washer brushes, duct cleaners and gutter cleaner extension.


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