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Importance Features: of Good Vertical Plastic Tanks
Vertical Plastic Poly Tanks


The polyethylene vertical plastic tanks can provide a variety of containment solutions for all industrial requirements.

These poly vertical containment vessels are made from medium density to high density polyethylene with added U.V. inhibiting feature. These upright tanks are your best, safe and practical solution for varied storage requirements. These vertical poly tanks are translucent for easy viewing and come with gallon indicators. There is a specific vertical polyethylene tank that is ideal for use in waste-water, pharmaceutical, industrial, petro-chemical and other allied industries.

A Close Look at Polyethylene

Polyethylene is high quality thermo-plastic material that offers excellent resistance to both chemical and physical attack. Its overall chemical resistance and general toughness against a wide variety of chemical compounds and food products makes it a perfect core material for containers and storage tanks.

Vertical plastic tanks made out of polyethylene are translucent and, depending on the type and wall thickness, manufactured with colors ranging from off-white to creamy yellow. The color can be customized based on the specifications of buyers for a minimal cost. Polyethylene vertical plastic tanks come with UV inhibiting characteristics for outdoor use.

Considerations in Buying Good Vertical Tanks

When looking for the right vertical tank for that specific containment and storage requirement of your company, it is essential that you understand the important features that should be found in excellent polyethylene vertical plastic tanks.

  1. Service Temperatures of Poly Tanks – Continued exposure to certain chemicals and high temperature may affect the service life of poly tanks. Its performance in the wake of constant effect of these two variables entirely depends on chemical makeup, specific gravity of chemicals, the model and size of the tank and thickness of the tank wall. It is essential that you discuss with your manufacturer for the best type of poly tank in terms of service temperature for your specific industrial requirements.
  2. Ordinary thermoplastics that are exposed to sunlight over an extended period of time are also exposed to UV light causing not only discoloration on the material but also cracking. Buyers of vertical poly tanks should also remember that fluorescent lamps also produce the same effect as in the outdoor conditions. An ideal poly tank must have UV light inhibiting characteristic to withstand the damaging effect of UV lights. For better results, you can place the vertical tanks away from direct sunlight and opt for a tank that is dark-colored to minimize the damaging effect of UV light and extend their service life.
  3. High levels of temperatures are the main cause of cracking in poly tanks. Certain surface compounds and chemical can also lead to cracking in polyethylene tanks. Although all polyethylene vertical tanks are prone to cracking, some can exhibit higher resistance to cracking than others. Consider polyethylene tanks whose characteristics enhance its capability to resist cracking. Particularly, decision should be referenced to the ESCR rating of the specific tank model. ESCR rating is the measure of resistance to stress cracking of the poly tank.
  4. Polyethylene vertical plastic tanks should be made of resin materials that are FDA compliant. Tanks that are in full compliance to FDA standards for poly tanks include natural, green and black tanks.


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