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Water Blasters: Blast your way to higher profits
Water Blasting Equipment

Water blasting equipment – water blasters are mainly used in business and industrial applications. There are units today that can attain up to 40,600 psi (pounds per square inch), and deliver over 16 gpm (gallons per minute). These machines are not for typical homeowner cleaning projects. These machines are made to blast away at heavy equipment, polish machine parts, and remove concrete—not just clean it! They can even be used to prepare roads (and other surfaces) for resurfacing.

Although the sheer blasting power of the water can often handle the job alone, accessorizing the machine can enable abrasives, such as dry ice, river sand, or baking soda to be used as well.

Water blasting equipment are great way to get heavy-duty cleaning jobs done without harming the environment. This is especially true when water recycle systems are used in conjunction.

The basic components of a water blasting equipment are the pressure unit, wand, gun, and nozzle. After those, accessorizing, such as adding capacity to inject abrasives, as stated above, is individual and based on need and desire to expand your utility. There are some specialty niches that require special accessories such as diesel-fired burners, control monitoring features, dust cabinets, blasting booths, water tanks for storage, and the abrasive injectors already mentioned. All components, including the basic wands, guns, etc. can be purchased separately making the building of a unit specific to your needs easy and affordable. Complete packages for basic water blasters are, of course, available too.

Built with the latest technology available, there are water blasting equipment that have swing-out manifolds that make maintenance easy and pressure conversion quick. One model uses a slower running plunger pump and UHP power for dependability and power. These put out between 8,000 – 24,000 psi with 6 –8 gpm. They are trailer mounted for portability to industrial jobs almost anywhere.

Smaller trailer mounted units offer anywhere from 7,2500 – 40,000 psi and offer 2 – 4.5 gpm. One comes with a diesel-fired burner that brings water temperatures to 200° F. Most of these units include a basic accessory package of wands, guns, nozzles, remote cables, and shoulder support harnesses.

For single, specific industry, stationary units are often the choice. They offer high performance with over 40,000 psi and deliver rates over 16 gpm.

Size, mounting, and power supply will be your biggest decisions when purchasing a water blasting equipment. For the business entrepreneur, expanding to portable water blasting capability, from pressure washing, will open greater doors with bigger profits. Many businesses need the service of a water blaster only occasionally and don’t invest in a unit for such. They hire the work out! Electric powered water blasters can be used indoors, are great for fixed locations, and range in horsepower between 60-250 HP. They come with a PTO or a transmission configuration. For more portability, diesel powered water blasters may be your choice. There are diesel engines from 45 – 130 HP.

The pump you choose is another consideration. The pressure generator increases the pressure of the unit and operates with either a plunger type intensifier pump or a crankshaft driven plunger pump. Crankshaft driven pumps tend to wear down the seals faster than intensifier pumps, but they are smoother and cost less to operate.

Your choice of components depends entirely on your applications and needs. Water blasting equipment can refine or roughen, clean or strip. They are used by contractors and industry in many specialty cleaning / resurfacing operations. Pressure and flow are the important considerations for optimum efficiency—and there is information readily available, along with technicians who will help you choose the best set-up for your needs. Investigate the many options and considerations and you will end up being thrilled with the power and versatility you will have in your hands!


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