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Surface Cleaners with Surface Capture Port
Surface Cleaner Capture Tool

A surface cleaner with surface capture port can be used for many different types of flat surfaces. It has its own water capture tool that will hold waste water when not hooked up to a wet and dry vacuum or pressure washer. It also has a port for air recovery.

Some uses include restoration jobs, removing graffiti, grime and paint from flat surfaces. It can be used in food and processing industries. You will not experience any debris and dirt flying around while the cleaner is being used. It is all self contained, which makes it safe and clean to use. 

There are a number of different types of pressure washer surface cleaners: they all have a 6 months warranty.

  • 8" Handheld Surface Cleaner: This Water Capture Tool has a deck made of stainless steel and has a hand held gun.

  • 12" Surface Cleaner with Capture Port and Lance: this device is ideal for uses on boats, kennels, sidewalks and car wash walls. It features a 36” lance for easy extended reach.

  • 21” Adjustable Surface Cleaner with Capture Port: this device is height adjustable. It has a number of uses for cleaning buildings like gas stations, warehouses, garages and industrial food processing plants. It will clean inside and outside. You can attach this device to your wet and dry vacuum.

  • 30” Adjustable Surface Cleaner: this is a larger Water Capture Tool with 2 air recovery ports. You can use it with your wet and dry vacuum or pressure washer for extra cleaning power.

  • Automatic Discharge Wet/Dry Vacuum: this has an 18 gal capacity and a liquid shut off system. You can attach a hose to it, to drain off the water into a holding tank when you are doing a large job. This means that you do not have to keep empting it like other wet and dry vacuums. You can use it with any of the surface cleaners mentioned above for better cleaning and making it a better water capturing tool.

There are a number of accessories available to enhance the effectiveness of these water surface cleaning tools.