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Important Uses of Water Blasters
Water Jetting


Water jetting units have varied uses in major industries. It is a regular tool for service providers handling specialized cleaning jobs in industrial settings and also a popular tool in surface preparation jobs requiring the removal of all kinds of coatings and paints. In general, if you have a difficult task that requires removal of materials, then water jetting can be your best solution.

The two essential elements of a water jetting unit are water flow and water pressure. The form of applications from the water jetter blaster unit is dependent on how these two elements are manipulated or harnessed. In general, hardened materials respond better to high pressure while softer materials are better handled with higher flows.

Essential Applications of Water Jetting Units

As we study closely the variety of applications of water blasters, we will discover that each of these applications is unique and is designed for a specific purpose. Thus, we optimize the applications by the right combinations of varying levels of water pressure and water flow.

The most common and basic application of water jetting is mainly for cleaning in heavy industrial settings. Water blaster is also used for cutting needs in specific industries. This cutting application is preferred in situations where precision cutting and waste reduction are essential.

Water blasters are also effective in concrete cutting as it will save the untargeted portion of a concrete structure. With this application, you will no longer have to take down more concrete structure than is needed.

The safety benefits derived from the application becomes clear if we look at the specific effects of paint and coating removal. This application saves you from the use of highly toxic materials that may bring harm to people and the environment. The removal of paint in booths, shops and line conveyors becomes fast, easy, and safe with the use of water blasters. This cleaning application can also be effective in process chemical cleaning, reactor cleaning and other cleaning requirements in large and heavy industries.

This type of cleaning method is also effective when the job requires reaching crevices and spots which are physically impossible to access. High pressure water can then be applied on the areas which may not be extensively cleaned otherwise.

High pressure of water can be harnessed to clean paint stripes in pavements. It can also be the effective method in removing the rubber buildup from the tarmac. It would be a long and tedious process if these jobs are done manually. Removal of pavement markings are common jobs, especially when there is a need to change traffic patterns. On the other hand, regular removal of rubber buildup on runways is an essential safety precautionary measure in all airports.

We have so far covered a few of the many applications of water blaster units. However, it is important to note that the importance and significance of water blasters are not only anchored on the variety of its applications. It is also essential that we find the right water jetting unit that is appropriate for the specific application that we require.



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